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Added August 01, 2013

10 Smart Packing Tips for Teens

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Do you remember your last vacation? The one when your mom packed for you, and you didn’t get to wear your favorite shirt? Well, those days are over! It’s time to take responsibility for your bag. The good news: You get to take the clothes and electronics you want! The bad news: It’s easy to get caught up over-packing the fun things and forget important stuff you’ll really need.


Whether you’re packing for a sleepover, a weekend or a two-week vacation, packing requires a bit of skill and a few smart tricks. You also may need to change your thinking from, "I must bring everything I might need," to "I will bring only what I will use." Here are some tips and tricks to help teens pack smart.


  1. Make a packing list and check it twice. Give yourself plenty of time to mull over what you want to take along, and get some input from others who may know what to expect. The list will prevent you from forgetting key items. Just make sure you allow yourself enough time so you minimize last-minute decisions. Include everything you "need" and a wish list just in case there's extra room!


  2. Pack lightly. You're not moving away and any item you might need will probably be available for purchase at your destination.


  3. Pick the right bag. There are lots of options, but pick a bag that is most appropriate for the trip you’re going on and the amount of time you will be traveling. Simple wheeled duffels and suitcases, as well as oversized wheeled backpacks, are functional and economical. A small duffel is great for overnight stays. Also, consider using a bag or suitcase that is easy to identify as yours — either bright colored material, special ribbons or luggage tags or even a fun sticker is sure to make your bag stand out.


  4. Pack your bags tight. Why have wasted space and open up a bag of items that have moved around? Stick socks in your shoes and roll pajamas, T-shirts and sweaters (which saves room AND cuts down on wrinkling!). Plus you just might make room to fit that second favorite shirt.


  5. Think small. No need to bring full size toiletries. Save up sample-sized bottles from previous trips or fill up small, empty travel bottles with your favorite products. Avoid pump dispensers and glass containers. Put all bottles with liquids in a sealable bag to protect your items in case something leaks. If you fly, make sure all your liquids abide by airline regulations.


  6. Use your resources. Save space by using the items available to you at your destination. If you're staying in a hotel, make a call and check to see if they have a hair dryer, basic toiletries and pool towels.


  7. Bring plastic zipper bags. They're great for packing damp bathing suits, extra snacks, smelly socks and treasured souvenirs.


  8. Protect your valuables. Keep all your valuables with you, either in your purse or in your carry-on. Do not put them in your checked luggage and risk them being missing when you pick up your bag.


  9. Be ready to re-charge. Make sure to take everything you need to keep your electronics charged and going strong: camera case and cord, MP3 player cord, and phone charger.


  10. Carry on the essentials. Make sure you can reach things you’ll need during the flight or trip. Consider including a book, MP3 player, hand cream, lip balm, hair bands, gum and your ticket!



Happy travels!

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comments so far
Posted July 27, 2012
some of it was good other not so so thanks for the good parts
Posted July 06, 2012
I agree with all of that buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut i wouldnt use a hair dryer from a hotel. Who knows where its been????
Posted March 25, 2012
OH MY GOSH, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! my family stays at hotels all the time, and I'm never sure if I have everything I need. we might also go on vacay somewhere far away soon. :)
Posted April 09, 2012
thank you so much it helped me a lot i am going to florida this summer
Posted June 27, 2012
Very helpful! I love taking zip loc bags on trips. They keep all my stuff safe and once I had to take a pad to a rest stop and it was raining so I put The pad in my zip loc bag so it didn't get ruined
C3C3 Badhh Ch!ck
C3C3 Badhh Ch!ck
Posted April 07, 2012
Thanxz this wasz helpful bcuuzz diz summer Im going 2 St. Port Lucie and now I know wats necessary 2 bring and wats not necessary 2 bring.
Posted March 25, 2012
I hope to be able to pack myself to summer camp. Last year and the year before, my mom made me bring so much unnessassary stuff.
Posted March 03, 2012
this will be helpful if my family ever goes on vacation again....its been 6 years since we have!!!
Posted November 20, 2011
Omg this was soo helpful!! I'm really nervous about packing because I'm going to costa rica with school over spring break- NO PARENTS!! So mom won't be there when I forget my shampoo!! I can't wait to start packing!
Posted November 08, 2011
I going on a trip next week and this artical is very helpful> Thanz beinggirl!!!!!! I love this website........ now instead of yahoo answers i go here!!!!
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